Ammrita (RITA) Kaur, BSpPath

Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist

Ammrita Kaur (Rita) is a Speech-Language Pathologist with a strong  passion for improving communication abilities in adults and children of all ages. She graduated from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and has worked in Australia, Dubai and Singapore. She is a fully registered Speech Language Pathologist with the Allied Health Professions Council (Singapore). Rita is certified in Hanen “More Than Words,” Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). She has extensive experience providing therapy using techniques such as The Lidcombe Program, La Trobe Smooth Speech Program and Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT).

Rita has worked with adults and children in various settings such as acute hospitals, private clinics, early intervention centres, special needs schools and international schools. She has many years of experience in providing assessment and intervention for children with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, speech-language delays or disorders, voice disorders, stuttering and feeding/swallowing issues. She has special interests in working with preschool and school age children in the areas of articulation, receptive language delay, expressive language delay articulation, pragmatics (social skills), fluency (stuttering), developmental and cognitive delays, and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC).

Rita is passionate about her work and takes an individualized approach to each and every person she works with! She believes in the importance of including families in the therapy process, while ensuring therapy is fun and motivating! Rita is a big advocate of early intervention and evidence- based practice.

Why Choose Us

It is particularly important to choose a therapist that is going to fit the needs of your child and your family. Here are some things to consider:

Knowledge and Experience

Rita from Integral Speech Therapy is experienced in the areas of language and communication disorders. She has been working with speech and language delays, articulation, autism, fluency, and motor speech disorders for many years. Therefore, you can be sure that she will know the best treatment for your child and will provide therapy that is current and research-based. Past years of good feedback from parents/clients and positive treatment outcomes have encouraged Rita to put her name on the clinic’s brand. That’s how much you can trust her!


Another particularly important aspect of therapy is whether your child is comfortable with the therapist. Rita is wonderful at building rapport with children and their parents. She does this by:

  • Getting down on the floor to play with your child in order to engage them in the therapy process
  • Finding out your child’s interests ahead of therapy sessions so she can make the therapy experience fun and effective at the same time. When your child enjoys the therapy process, learning will be fun and easy!
  • Ensuring feedback is provided after every session to update parents on their child’s progress and to brief them on any homework that has been given.

Using Parents as Intervention Partners

Rita’s approach towards therapy is extremely family-centred. She strongly believes that parents need to be involved with the therapy process. To truly make a difference in your child’s life, Rita will train you to help your child so you can be confident in helping your child on a day to day basis.